Meeting another mom on the edge.

Okay. It’s as if the universe read my blog yesterday and said, “Um, no. You are more a mommy than you think and just…keep it real. You’ll find your place.”

The universe is so…Yoda...”Mom you are…”

So, I was at work (Fruit), when a mom came in, two kids in tow and one large belly (displaying DUE IN JUNE in bold bright letters).

The Mom: I need some help. I think I need a new phone. And, I think I need someone to help me see if there is any way I can get any information off of this phone. She spilled her lemonade on it.

Mommy Tsunami:Oh, I’m sure it was just an accident!

TM: I’ve tried everything. I’ve looked online and I’ve had my phone sitting in a bag of rice overnight and nothing! It still won’t turn on. And…I haven’t synced in over three weeks. I’ve lost everything, haven’t I?!?!? I can’t have lost everything. I don’t even know here I’m supposed to be today without that phone.

Mommy Tsunami: Wow…

Insert pause, long discussion about how to PREVENT this from happening again…


I crouched near a kids’ sized table for two hours while TM sat on a chair I grabbed from the back of the store.  I made sure that Children 1 & 2 played happily on computers while I entertained mom with stories of wanting to leave my own children in grocery stores and how I threatened one of my 15 mo. old that if he threw away and lost his shoe he’d go barefoot until he was old enough to make the money to buy his own pair.

In a sentence, I did what I could to keep TM from crying.  She got teary eyed. But, in the end, we laughed about what a baby’s extra hormones in our bodies can do to us, what it’s like to be THAT responsible for another human being, and how hard it can be to stay sane when we’re doing it…especially when our technology revolts against us with our children.

I spent two hours with her. My teammates looked at me like I was crazy.  It was a great two hours of my career at Fruit, though.

Thank you, universe, for sending me that mom.


~ by The Mommy Tsunami on May 10, 2009.

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