Be careful when they ring you up at Walmart!

Okay. Went in to Walmart with a STRICT budget. So, I carefully watched the cost of ev.ry.thing. Yup. Counted PENNIES even. Chose my cheese based on a $.28 price difference. Had maybe 25 things to ring up. Was watching as the cashier rang everything up. As did another cashier, as my cashier was in training. One thing rang up more than the shelf price. Then two things. Then three…four…five…I kid you not!!! FIVE things rang up costing more than the listed shelf price! About two thirds through my purchase, after FIVE different costing products….I finally had to ask…

Mommy Tsunami: Okay, um, I know this is weird, but, like FIVE things just rang up more than what your shelf prices lists them.

Walmart Cashier: Uh…

Walmart Trainer: Okay, just tell me what and the prices!

Mommy Tsunami: ‘Kay. {insert crazy list of products I purchased with shelf prices here}

Walmart Trainer: Is that it? All set.

That quickly? Why? I need to get off this blog and go do some google searching…is Walmart price gouging the unexpecting?


~ by The Mommy Tsunami on May 17, 2009.

One Response to “Be careful when they ring you up at Walmart!”

  1. Me again! I think you almost have to write down the price of everything you are buying and make sure it comes up correctly. I don’t know about the States but in Canada if something- I think this may only apply to groceries- comes up more at the till they are supposed to give you that item at a discount or for free. There are stickers advertising it at the entrances but hardly anyone knows about it.

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