My House is STILL a MESS? or, Why my house will never be clean.

Today is day four of four full days off.  Joyous days of relaxing family time bliss!  Had I gone with the original plan (spring cleaning!) I could not say that I’ve enjoyed my time off with my fam, but…my house would not look like this…

Where I type.  Just, around all those clothes.I expect my family to eat meals here.Where my kids' electronics go to die.  And, a scrap paper grave yard.The love seat.  Also, where you drop everything when you walk in the house.

*Day 0, Wednesday night*

I have not even started my days off! There has been no relaxing! I at least deserve to relax RIGHT NOW, since I successfully made dinner for four children, dh and myself.  Yup.  No cleaning tonight. I will start that tomorrow.  Maybe.

*Day 1, Thursday*
Today is going to be a beautifully perfect 81 degrees here in Chicago!  I haven’t experienced this since last summer and it just happens to be my day off!  With the big kids in school, and three days ahead of me, I should DEFINITELY NOT clean today.   I should, instead, take a trip to Brookfield Zoo with dh and the twins and enjoy this time that dh and I never have together with just the twins and soak up some sun and have some adventures with the babies.  Yup.  No cleaning here today.

*Day 2, Friday*
Okay.  I really should get down to business and clean today. The big kids at school, I’ll bring the twins to daycare.  Yup, then I’ll clean.  Not as hot today either? Perfect day to clean out my closets (which are an overpacked mess) and clean off my nightstands, dressers, countertops, (which are fire hazards in the making). Gonna clean.  Oh wait, dh’s car is in the shop and he’ll need me to pick him up from the dealer, and the dealer is right by his parents’ house…we SHOULD go by and say hi, it’s only polite since we are in the neighborhood.  And we need to make a trip to Walmart for some stuff for the house.  And it’s time to get the kids.  And now I need to bring the older boys to baseball practice.  Oh well.  No cleaning today? That’s okay.  I still have TWO MORE DAYS OF VA-KAY!

*Day 3, Saturday*
Text message to dh alerts him of family gathering in Michigan City. Starts at 2pm.  I could clean before that, right? But the babies are crabby…I should take them for a calming walk. The house won’t be cleaner, but the babies will get a good nap in, I’ll get to do some mileage on my Nike+ challenge…everyone wins!  Except for cleanliness. Neatness. All that jazz.  There’s always tomorrow!

*Day 4, Sunday*
Dh got an email yesterday inviting us to a party today.  Friends of his. One is a DJ of House music (which dh LOVES). We should go.  They came to the surprise birthday party I threw for him last year. It would only be right.  And dh needs to put his mother’s new grill together over at her house, leaving me sans helper/parent to watch babies while I clean. So, I’ll take the babies for another walk, Nike+ challenge, here I come! And then, after, party! So, guess what??? No cleaning for this chick-a-dee!

Oh well. I suppose there could be worse. I mean, the house could be this messy and I could not be able to find time to write about it.


~ by The Mommy Tsunami on May 24, 2009.

One Response to “My House is STILL a MESS? or, Why my house will never be clean.”

  1. Haha…I totally laughed at that last sentence! You can not even begin to imagine how many times I have blogged about my meesy house instead of actually cleaning it.

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