How Twitter Has Made My Life More Fun

Ok.  I’ve been away for a couple few several days.  I was gonna write a post on Monday, named “Manic Monday.”  The irony in that is that the day I was thinking about it, it was actually Tuesday…already…as in, crap, was Monday sooooo bad that I never figured out that it’s over and already Tuesday?  Does that make today Terrible Tuesday?

And then Tuesday ended up with a trip to Urgent Care for Cheeks.  We were there from about 8 pm until 11:30 pm.  It was looooooong. And he was crabby. And I was tired.  After that trip, I ended up having to make a trip to a 24 hour Walgreen’s.  They were so backed up, that was followed with a two hour wait.  Sleep was possible by about 2:30 am.  But Cheeks woke up through out the night-of course he did!  He had a double ear infection and a fever of 104!

That brings us to today (Wednesday).  The whole family overslept this morning.   I had to drive The Thinker and Mama’s Boy to school (they usually take the bus), walk them in for tardy passes, and then get to work (almost late…but not quite).

While at work, several co-workers had asked about my child, “Sickie” as named in my tweets.  I was shocked!

They read my tweets!

They cared!

And I realized…and I am trying to be not cheesy about this, but, Twitter has brought me a group of friends that I had never know before, a group of acquaintances from work closer to me (maybe)?  Using twitter, I have been able to expand my universe and make it more fun.

I have found moms and dads, those who have experienced the NICU, those who have their own multiples, those who are in their 30’s and living an edgier/less soccer mom life.

I have found comrades who love their iPhones, their blogs and sharing a look at their life with strangers who have become virtual friends.

I have shared tears with people I have never met, shared tears over people I will never meet.

I have laughed and adored the stories of other families and their children.

Thank you twitter.  But more importantly, thank you my new tweeple.  I look forward to more!


~ by The Mommy Tsunami on June 3, 2009.

One Response to “How Twitter Has Made My Life More Fun”

  1. I owe twitter for meeting probably some of the same people you are referring to.

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