Here i go on my iphone, take two

I already wrote this post once before. On my iPhone. Evidence that I am desperate to both blog and to better entertain myself on this road trip.

Because I have written these thoughts out once already, in eloquent words using thoughtfulness and wit, I am quite sure I am going to hate what comes out this time.

I am dedicating this two thumb typed up wordpress for iPhone app created bloggy goodness to this roadtrip. And, the main reason for this roadtrip.

No. I have not made a twelve hour trek from Chicago to Dumas, Arkansas for the fourth of July weekend because I heard they had a great fireworks display.

I am here because I am supporting dh and his family as they celebrate the life of the patriarch of the family, who passed away almost two years ago. They installed a headstone, and so combined that dedication with a family reunion.

Last time I was down here, was when aforementioned patriarch passed away. I was about 12 weeks pregnant with the twins. Dh and I were still trying to work out some, um, kinks(?) in our relationship. The trip south was probably not the magic serum that would heal our wrongs and make them right. It began with the fact that dh’s head was not in a good “relationshippy” place. Our unexpected oops pregnancy quickly moved to an oh shit twin pregnancy. And the legendary hospitality of the south, at least for this city mouse, turned out to be more…Well…Ya see…

Okay. City mouse. In the country. I am not a city mouse that can easily transition to a country mouse role. And while I was pregnant when I went down south, I was clearly not barefoot. Which, I am not sure dh’s cousins could appreciate. Being pregnant, and therefore unable to drink, which is the most common way to pass your time down in Dumas, Akansas, and being this was the first time I was meeting dh’s large extended family, I was a wee little bit uncomfortable.

Add to that the fact that one of his male cousins actually TOLD me to go into the kitchen with the women folk, so that dh could crack open a few with the men…

And, while I am TOTALLY NOT opposed to dh crackin’ open a few, I AM OPPOSED to being told what to do. As well as, when to do it.  Especially when being told by another grown up that has no place to do so.  And even less when I am uncomfortable in the first place.

It was bad.  And I have a mouth on me.  And with the double baby boy hormones shooting through me at the time, dh and I were at each other’s throats.  The trip almost ended in our separation.

So, here it goes.  Family, take two.  Of course, dh and I are in a completely different place in our relationship.  We know each other better, react to each other better.

But, he’s part country mouse.  And I’m all city mouse.

I’m gonna try.  Because my country mouse has taught me, nothing beats a failure like a try.


~ by The Mommy Tsunami on July 3, 2009.

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