Happy Birthday, Mama’s Boy!

Mama's Boy oh-so-many years ago

Mama's Boy oh-so-many years ago


Six years ago today, July 18th, a second-time mother was driven to the hospital for her pre-scheduled c-section to deliver a little boy.

The doctor scheduled to do that c-section didn’t show up.  When he was called, he said it wasn’t on his planner (he planned it).  So, the “assist” doctor offered to step in and deliver.  Of course, I wouldn’t turn that offer down.  I was HUGE. Tipping the scales at 200.  Okay, well, I think I was 196 when I delivered. There was a good reason.  All I ever craved was sweets.  I wanted cake.  Cookies. Ice cream.  Tasty treats of any kind.  Things with sugar in them.  LOTS of sugar.  I truly do feel that that is the reason why Mama’s Boy is so, so very sugary sweet himself.  He is.

Back to the birth day.

The birth was scheduled (unlike his big brother) and so, my nails were done.  My hair was done.  And in my mind, my pregnancy was done.

Within an hour of entering the operation room, I exited with by big head baby boy.  My sister said he looked nothing like me, so I should find a way to leave my imprint on him.  Since the baby had a first name all along (Edward, after my grandpa that had just passed away that year) and no middle name all along, it seemed, by sister’s standards, the answer was obvious.  Edward’s middle name MUST be Angelo.  And so, Edward Angelo was welcomed to the world.

It became obvious that Eddie was a Mama’s Boy.  At first, because he was a baby.  And then, because he WAS the baby (of the family).  But, even as he welcomed TWO little brothers, he was still his Mama’s Boy.  Hence, he is my bloggy baby “Mama’s Boy.”


My sweet Mama's Boy @ just 2 1/2 years old!

My sweet Mama's Boy @ just 2 1/2 years old!


~ by The Mommy Tsunami on July 18, 2009.

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