My Recap of Blog Her At Home ’09

What can I say.  Fairly new to the blogging scene, I had seen tweets about an impending BlogHer ’09 conference in Chicago.  Having no real understanding of the who, what or why of the conference, but knowing it was nearby, I was anxious.  Should I go? Should I try to see what’s up in the hot blogging world?

Nope.  No tickets.

Okay, I saw some tweets about parties, and some of the blogs I had started reading boasted about the best parties to attend.  Room 704? The People’s Party? I reserved a spot.  I would try.  I saw that some bloggers were making a road trip just for the gathering, the ambiance, the camaraderie.

Okay, I would try.  But I was a newbie.  No one really knew who I was.  Would it be awkward? Who was I kidding??? Of COURSE, it would be! Because, truly, I live under the blogger/twitter radar.  I am just themommytsunami.  I am not UndomesticDiva or AMomTwoBoys or RedneckMommy.  I am not AChild’sPlayx2 or BackpackingDad.  I am just me.  And who really wants to meet me?

Of course, the internet provides a courage to stand behind (read: rock to hide under).  I can jot my thoughts, my plight and my personal feelings and give a colorful play by play of my life without recourse, hopefully without judgment, and with ANONYMITY.  So, who was I to complain?

Thursday night, the night of the parties I had anticipated attending, I could not get out of the house.  The hubby had been called to work and I was sans babysitter.  I would sit in. However…there was that internet…and I had read a ton about the Blog Her At Home event… What would that be all about?

Having the internet (once again) to hide behind give me some courage, I logged on to (an UNPROTECTED) tinychat and entered the virtual party room.  Filled with lively convo and some trolls (hello, no, we would show you our bewbs and no, we are not interested in your man parts), I found myself typing while HeartMyChloe, PrincessJenn, BOREDmommy and a many others popped in and out of a webcam chat.  I didn’t have the password.  It wasn’t an option, but I’m not sure I would have joined anyway…

The night ended for me as a HeartMyChloe mentioned she was saying GOODBYE to themommytsunami.  WHAT?!?!?! Someone noticed ME? Lil’ ol’ ME? Noooo.  Suddenly, it was like the rock had been turned over someone had pulled the internet anonymity I had been so used to enjoying.  But, I blushed.  My presence was known.  And by this amazing group of women!  I would have to return the next night…

And I did.  And I WEBCAMMED! Holy shit! People saw me and they did not reject me.  The asked my story, questioned my name!  We shared drinks together, we shared laughter together.  I learned about vanilla vodka and dr. pepper.  I learned BadAssDadBlog enjoyed his patron in huge jugs and made his margaritas with salt rimmed glasses.  I learned painful life stories and I shared that pain.  We connected.  It was amazing. There was a community formed.  A community that was involved and concerned with the members of that community (we didn’t want to log off Kimt205!) and sincerely reached out to each other. I totally luff you, @pbandjazz, @ShelliWazzu, @analogmoon, @earth_mommy, @irishsamom, @leighish, @ladybugsgrama, @knoxvillepixie, @themaggers, @lilfootsmommy, @thepsychobabbly, @anne54304, @moon, @deidra23 and everyone else I can’t remember the exact names of, but you know who you are!!!

I came back for a third night.  Let me explain.  The first two nights it was EASY.  The kids asleep in bed, dh at work.  No disruptions.  The only person I was responsible to entertain for was me. But, night three, Saturday night, I had dh.  And I’m gonna be honest.  I really wanted him to go out, go to work or LEAVE ME ALONE.  I was chatting with mah GURLS.  I was busy.  Thanks to vanilla vodka and dr. pepper, I was also DRUNK.  I did a fashion show.  The women that night made me laugh.  I was imbibed enough to go online, on the spot, and find that liquid courage had brought me to say, that YES, in fact, I am ONE OF THEM.  I am a blogger and a Twitterer.  I am themommytsunami.  And I belonged at BlogHer ’10 in NYC.

As did HeartMyChloe, with whom I will be roomies and road trippin’ it with to get there!

Sunday.  I was super tired.  I had work on Monday morning (early) and I could find the energy to stay up past 8:30 pm.  But, if I had, I would have been at tinychat with the most fabulous and funnest women ever.  EVAH.

Ya’ hear? Thank you, Blog Her At Home ’09.  You were my coming out (for me) party to this blogger world.  And I cannot imagine my life pre-YOU.

See how much FUN I am having?

See how much FUN I am having?

ETA: I LURVE YOU @masmom. You are hot and you rock.


~ by The Mommy Tsunami on July 28, 2009.

15 Responses to “My Recap of Blog Her At Home ’09”

  1. I wish I had been there the first and third nights!! It was nice “meeting” you – I had a fun, I need to leave my comfort zone more often!

  2. Oh my F*ing hell, can I just copy and paste your post as mine. Seriously. You put into words exactly how I feel. I wanted to go to BlogHer last year, but who would know me? Honestly, I know intimate details of these peoples lives and I feel like I know them, but they don’t know me (or read me). That is not a complaint. Just saying I am a little fish still.

    But being brave and getting on a webcam? After I had surgery. With no make up. In my pj’s? But the first night everyone made me feel so at home and accepted, that what the hell. And seriously, it may have been live changing (or blog changing, whatev). Because the famous peeps? They are just (sorta) like me. And loving and wonderful; accepting, kind, hysterical, enjoyable….well, you know.

    Does it make me silly or selfish that your post actually brought a tear to my eye? Especially when I say my name? I so really felt a connection with all of you. Next best thing to being there. Oh. And someone promised to be my roomy at BlogHer10. If only I could remember who.

    I adore you, girl. So glad I met you. (so, can I copy and paste?)

    • It was me hon, Moon, who promised to be your roomie! That is, if I can get the $$ to go and then get my butt there!! It’s a year a way and who knows what will happen, but mebbe I’ll win the lottery, eh? 🙂

      hugs and merry meet

  3. I am in lurve with you…even if you didn’t list me by name. I had a total blast with all you ladies!

    • I’m sooo going back into this post to ETA I LURVE @masmom . and not just cuz she’s hot, but because she’s hot, too.


  4. You were NOT left out. I wish I had transcripts of the chats so I could properly list EVERY SINGLE WONDERFUL INDIVIDUAL, individually. The vanilla vodka and dr.p did a number on me Saturday night, though.

    And yes, anyone can copy and paste me. 😉


  5. HI! I am pretty sure I felt just like you did…you know, about not being known or anything. As for lists I am probably on the “Z” list, but trying to work my way up to “Y”. I was so frustrated the first night I joined (Friday) because I couldn’t broadcast – but I did get to listen to you great grrrrls chat and I could type in.
    The next night was so awesome! Unfortunately I was not getting a good connection then and had to bug out early. Arghghghg…
    But it was great. I am a naturally outgoing person so it rocked getting to see folks and really “talk” you know?

    Oh just to clear up some confusion (sorry I logged in two different ways) – I am analogmoon on Twitter however my name is Moon (that’s where you got the two names). Yup – I’m Moon.

    I am looking forward to getting more than just my feet wet in the bloggy world. Thanks for the into!!!!

    PS your kids are ADORABLE!

  6. i wish i remember the moment we fell in love, my Angel, but alas, I was drunk. ;] I’m so so so glad you were there to take part in our ridiculous webcam weekend. if you hadn’t, there is a good chance we never would have met, and would not be going to blogher10 together. wooooooo! big fat juicy hearts ❤

    p.s.ladybugsgrama – you rocked my socks off. you still do.

  7. My sentinments exactly! I had a fabulous time this weekend with everyone and it was great to “meet” you! 🙂

  8. um yeah, no mention of my name either…. but still lurves ya and so glad you joined us!!!! and rocked it out.

  9. I am so glad you came to party with us. We had such a great time. But, dude, you totally forgot to pimp your new job as Fashion Stylist of BlogHer’10! lol.

  10. Can’t freaking wait to meet you and all my other BHAH girls on NYC 😀

  11. It was awesome chatting with you 🙂

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