Come on Hollywood, Are You SERIOUS?

Being a woman is funny.  At least it is to me.   Don’t get me wrong.  I thoroughly enjoy being a woman.  Definitely better than the other option.  But, I have to talk about something…


Okay, some background info.  It’s Wednesday morning.  E and I are in bed.  He’s watching The Covenant, and all I see is bad acting and 18 year old girls in tiny pajamas.  I turn to him, and question, “Do you really find this entertaining?”

“Yes, ”  he answers.  Then he scrunches up his face in that way he always does when he knows that I’m just thinking way too hard, “Why???”

“Well, I was just thinking that you should be offended at how stupid Hollywood must think you are.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you can’t actually find value in this crap.  Hollywood thinks you’ll watch this because the girls are in small pajamas and they think you’ll fall for that.  It’s offensive to you and women.  And those girls are only 18, 20 years old.  Too young for you.  Are you some kind of dirty old man?”

Okay.  Maybe I was going too far.  But I had reached a point of no return.  Especially when he responded…

Yeah.  I guess.”

“What?  Come on.  This is the downfall of American society here.  Oversexed and underthought.  Bad acting.  Bad plot.  Bad writing.  But underclothed chicks make the movie? “

“I guess it’s enticing.” Is he stupid?  What would possess him to think it would be okay to admit this to me, especially in this moment?  Poor him.  No grey matter.

“To whom?” My retort.  I know he means him.  And everything with a peni$.  I JUST DIDN’T THINK HE’D GO THERE.

Well….” was his quick and witty response.

I think you know where this conversation went.  But…

Isn’t it sad?  I mean, all these GROWN-AZZ men watching these teeny bopper girls on the screen.  Drooling.  Wishing.  Pondering.  It’s sad.  It really is.  Men thinking about these unrealistic images of girls.  Not appreciating what they have right there in front of them.  Let’s be realistic.  I think the most average joe thinks, hey, if I could just get in the same room with her, I’d have a chance… I said this aloud to E and he said, most guys don’t care about what else they could get IF they COULD just get into the SAME ROOM as her.  Are you serious?  They are THAT easy?

Then women begin to hate themselves.  If only I could be. A size smaller.  An inch taller.  A little more toned.  A little less wrinkly.  A little more tanned.  A whole lot more beautiful.  A lot less scared.  A whole bunch more DESIRED. BY. MY. MAN.

So men wish they could be anything to these “silver screen” girls.  But women want to be everything to just their man.

And it doesn’t matter.  How bald he is. How built he isn’t.  How fat he is.  How smart he isn’t.  How much he drinks.  How little he cleans.  What a mess he leaves.  That he leaves without a goodbye kiss.  How much money he doesn’t make.  That his jokes are only funny to her.  How he forgets what she dreams of.  How he remembers her flaws.

All. she. wants. is. for. him. to. want. her.

Come on, Hollywood.  Make a movie about her.  And cast her in the role, too.


~ by The Mommy Tsunami on August 7, 2009.

7 Responses to “Come on Hollywood, Are You SERIOUS?”

  1. This is an awesome post that makes me feel more enlightened & empowered as a woman, a wife and the mother of a son. Thank you for speaking your truth, even if it did mean a “boys are stupid” kind of fight 🙂


  2. I’m sorry to say that Keith and I are “those people” too. We like looking at scantily clad women in bed movies and tv. We also look up hot girls on the internet and save them as our wallpaper. Yes, we are lecherous old men.

    If you came over, you would often hear “i’d stick it in her” come out of both of our mouths. BUT (and it’s a big but) honestly we both know that we love each other and would never do anything with anybody else.

    for the first time in ANY relationship, i don’t have feelings of insecurity, or not being good enough (looking) for my bf. i figured out why. it’s because of my bf.

    he loves me and really likes me how i am, fat or thin, big boobs or not. i could shave my head and he’d kiss my baldness. i’ve never felt less than gorgeous with him.

    so, to sum it up, i think the reason women have insecurities is because of their men. maybe cuz of an ex of theirs, or a movie star they have a crush on. i don’t know what it is, but i know it’s there.

    p.s. you are beautiful, momma.

  3. I don’t disagree completely, Sara. I guess I overanalyze EVERYTHING. It’s true. I do. AND, on top of THAT, I also cling to social thought and causes.

    I love women. I really, really do. I love them for their passion and their capability to love. I love them for their hope. I love them for the dreams of something better. I love them for all of the pain I’ve seen in my mom, my grandma, my mirror.

    And on top of that, they have the most impenetrable strength. And THAT cannot be seen in scantily dressing or in flimsy pj’s. And, in many cases, on silver screens.

    I have given birth to four boys. I live my life with the love of my life, eric. I love me some men (especially my men). I feel to make sure there are less men making their women feel insecure, which I COMPLETELY AGREE with you about that, Sara, i want to raise at least FOUR who won’t do that (four Keiths, if you will…), and I do that by talking it out with E and now writing about it!

    Thanks for reading and continuing the convo!!!

  4. you are a great mom and you are going to have 4 (5) smart, caring, and sensitive grown men.

    and i love that you write about it.

  5. I see your point, but then, I’ve sqee’d over certain actors being half-naked, so I don’t feel I have a lot of room to talk!

  6. I understand what you’re saying, but if you think about it, Hollywood is brilliant. They have systematically desensitized the American society to the point where what was ubacceptabe 50 yrs ago, is said/done (and laughed at) by chicldren as young as 5. Hollywood, our subtle “standard” as to what I can get away with tells me that words like “douche” and “retard” and “gay” are actually hilarious, so we use them. Then it tells us the sex sell (everything) and we assume they’re right, b/c they’re right about why’s funny, then we buy into the belief that sex does sell.
    The other problem, and I do believe it comes from the media as well is the break down of family values/structure. 50 yrs ago it was only lecherous old men doing the things that we all feel is ok these days. I quote Lil Wayne when I say, “I want to F every girl in the world”. I mean music like this that pours into our ears and movies like the Covenant that we see as a “date” movie just didn’t happen. And as a result families worked together (albeit not always perfectly). The breakdown from the outside media has played a disasterous role on American society, and I wish I could say this from careful observation and not active participation, but I can’t. Unfortunately, society in general thinks this stuff is just ok now, and that we’re the crazy ones.

  7. i. love. this.

    perfectly said.

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