Things I Hate Tuesday

I’m not going to pretend that I haven’t realized that I haven’t updated my blog in two weeks one day shy of two weeks.  I’m pathetic.

But, in my defense, I’ve been going through some shit.  Some medical shit. It’s taken a wee bit of my attention, my strength and my emotional stability…

Also, I have five kids and they started school last Monday.

But, I’m also not gonna lie.  I miss you.  I miss you desperately.

And to honor my excitement of being back, I bring you a rant and a bitch session.  Today is Things I Hate Tuesday. Yes, I do realize that THing and Tuesday aren’t all flow-y and shit, but I’m sure you’ll get over it.  Because today I want you to rant and bitch also.  Tell me…

What things do YOU hate?

1.  I hate when people speed up and cut in front of me while driving, only to turn in front of me.  Cuz, what the hell? YOU ARE TURNING, DOUCHEBAG.

2. I hate when there is one last bite and E just takes it.  Can’t you even pretend to offer it to me?

3. I hate cancer. Like, really, REALLY hate it.  It attacked my mom. Cancerbastard.

4. I hate Chicago winters.  They really fuckin’ suck.  And I DON’T hate winter.  I know, snow is pretty.  But that is not a CHICAGO winter’s mainpoint.  It’s wind, freezing wind and ice and salt and grey.

5. I hate inequality.  Injustices. Racism. Agism. Sexism. And most other -isms.

6. I hate saying goodbyes at parties. Completely HATE it. I really would rather just grab my belongings and sneak out the back.  Yes.  I am that person. But, really? Do goodbyes have to take that long?

7. I hate when one of my babies is sick.  It makes me feel helpless.

8. I hate when E buys something but doesn’t bother to think of me and what I need.

9. I hate that I don’t have a front porch. It was one fo the coolest things I had when growing up and I feel that it’s a must have of childhood.

10. I hate that I spent way too much money on my Master’s degree to not be working in the field of my degree.

11. I hate when people use ONE CAR to take up TWO parking spots. What the hell???

12. I hate that I barely have enough time in the day lately to take even two minutes back to back for myself.  AHHHHHHH. FIVE KIDS.


~ by The Mommy Tsunami on September 8, 2009.

6 Responses to “Things I Hate Tuesday”

  1. Ok well I am actually bitching on Thursday, but here it goes.

    I hate twhat the economy has done to my family.

    I hate my own leg.

    I hate ignorance mixed with a know it all. Uh yeah.

    I hate getting caught in the rain.

    I hate asking my husband to do something and end up doing it myself.

    I hate that I am sitting here all day while my son is in preschool. I miss him and I cannot care for him on my own right now. HATE.

    I hate being fat but not enough to not eat.

    I hate what happened to my family 8 years ago and all the long lasting effects of it.

    Thanks I feel better. xoxo

  2. I’ll make it “I love Tuesday”

    I love YOU.

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