Hi. I’ve been gone awhile. My life is changing. Quite drastically, I might add. But for tonight, I just had to write. I HAD to WRITE. And THIS came out… enjoy…


remind me of the possibilities of what never was

and yet what could be

you cause me to recollect days when days would never end

when dreams would never end

when love would never end

and because of you these thoughts will never end

you mention that love is a battlefield and your scars are wounds too deep to forget

i want to help you forget

because you help me to remember that i am capable of existing

that love is capable of existing

that hope is capable of existing

yet you are tentative

and to this i will be sensitive

but still have faith

because despite your tentative

i am representative of love deferred

not to be argumentative but my interests you’ve spurred

we sit

we read our favorite poets and words slip off our tongues

falling from lips to ears

as if whispered over pillows and nothingness

and i can only imagine that we are not the only two people sharing this moment

i don’t want to be the only two people sharing this moment

yet despite being surrounded by people no one else is sharing this moment

without touching me your words caresses every hurt every wound every ache away

your eyes look deeper into my nothingness than anyone has ever looked

they were afraid to look

i would not let them look

the still of my soul as you stir it comforts me

and i am reminded of the possibilities of what never was

and yet what could be


~ by The Mommy Tsunami on November 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “I’m BAAAAA-AAAAAACK!!!”

  1. Amazing.

  2. Love. Hugs. Support. Any.Time. Love you.

  3. you never cease to amaze me.


  4. Beautiful words spoken by a beautiful person. We’ve spoken. I’m always around.

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