Where I admit to being an alien

I am not your average human being. In fact, I am not even human. Period. I believed from the time of being an adolescent that I am not. From. This. Planet.

What. What??? Is this unusual? Ok. Not for the age. Most 13 year olds feel like aliens. But I never stopped feeling this way. Why?

Because I love people so…thoroughly.

I love people for their flaws. I’m not kidding. I love people for what they struggle at and what they strive tone better in. I love people for how they are disappointed in themselves and their lives…not in like an evil “ha ha” way, but in a kind of “hey, do you need someoneo believe in you?” kinda way. I guess I love people for their humanity.

I love the possiblity of someone needing me. I love helping when I can.

When I was in 7th grade, that trait got me in trouble and Joy Lacey spread a rumor that I tried to buy my friends because I gave her my extra pencil case on the day that hers broke and she had no extra one.

(Pre) Teenage girls are SO MEAN.

But I survived. And you know what I still do? Give away my extra pencil cases.

Ok. So giving away extra pencil cases is a metaphor for helping people.

It’s selfish though. Don’t think I’m helping you because I want YOU to feel good. OH NO. It’s that *I* want to feel good. About *me.* And it makes me feel good about MYSELF to bring a smile to YOUR face.

Ok. Maybe it’s more about you. Don’t get too excited. Lol.

I love people I’ve never met in real life. I’d trust them with my personal belongings, identity, CHILDREN…

I want to serve these people, my friends and my family.

I am so grateful for EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. That I am able to do that….serve. And love. I guess I just figure there are enough people out there that are fair weather friends. It’s easy when it’s easy. I just don’t mind when it’s not.

Yup. Love. Serve. Love. These. Words.


~ by The Mommy Tsunami on March 10, 2010.

One Response to “Where I admit to being an alien”

  1. You are such a lover and I love you for it. I am the same way. Some call me crazy or too trusting. But I must be an alien too.

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