The Mommy Tsunami: A Definition

I am not a quiet girl.

I will not pretend to be shy.

I will not pretend to be afraid, nor will I pretend that I am not afraid.

I am in love with love and continue to search for it in its true form.

I often say more than I should, but I know when to listen.
I love to take risks, but I am usually worried I will fail.

I cannot stand injustice, racism, agism, most other -isms, and will fight for the underdog, pay attention to the ignored, and speak with the lonely.

I love what I do, but am always looking to be better at it, and do more.

I adore my children, they are truly my greatest legacy.

Single mom to four boys. Full-time employee at Fruit. Mom of twins. Love music. Can’t imagine life without my three sisters, of which I am the eldest. My favorite foods are fruits and veggies. And cheese. And bread. And cereal. I love running, but don’t do it nearly enough. I had just gotten my bod down to a sexy size and suddenly got pregnant with twins (and I MEAN SUDDENLY). Love to dance. Secretly wish one of my sons will be a b-boy…or some sort of dancer. I am secretly afraid of everyone and everything but most people prolly think that I am an arrogant, bold, know-it-all. I cry a lot. I also laugh a lot. I love rain. I hate winter. I wish to move to another country and live in a house I built with my own hands. I am prolly way too principled and judgmental.I love the way my sissy lansie and i have our way of speaking, which includes the word “prolly.”  I stick to my guns. I have amazing intuition which causes me to be exceedingly paranoid. I love ice cream and believe it can make everything better. I believe the sun will always come out tomorrow; I believe in the goodness of people; and I believe everyone deserves a second chance.

The best thing I ever did was make my four boys. I’m scared they’ll turn out like me, though.


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